tesla bidirectional charging

Tesla Bidirectional Charging Changes Everything

Tesla bidirectional charging is now a reality thanks to recent headlines of the Cybertruck’s new “Powershare” vehicle-to-load charging feature. 

It was only a matter of time before Tesla announced bidirectional charging… Bidirectional charging just makes sense as a feature and the market is demanding it… 

The Cybertruck is now the best value electric truck on the market in terms of performance and sheer bravado… One investor, Larry Goldberg, aka “Tesla Larry” on X1 Tweeted that he believes the Cybertruck will be the most popular vehicle in the United States, ahead of the Ford F150″.

Tesla bidirectional charging represents a significant leap forward not only in terms of EV technology, but also in EV versatility and consumer choice.

Tesla Bidirectional Charging: Powershare

The concept of bidirectional charging has been a topic of discussion within Tesla for some time, tracing back to the Tesla Battery Day in 2020. The event marked the first hint at Tesla’s interest in bidirectional charging technology. 

However, Elon Musk had publicly hinted that he was ambivalent about the technology… Indeed, he threw cold water on the idea. 

Despite the industry’s growing adoption of bidirectional charging, with major players like Ford, GM, Hyundai, and Kia integrating it into their models, Musk voiced concerns about the practicality of bidirectional charging, citing potential inconveniences such as power disruptions when disconnecting the EV.

It was only recently, with the unveiling of the Cybertruck that suspicions of Tesla bidirectional charging, aka “Powershare”, being inevitable finally became a tangible reality.

Cybertruck: A Mobile Powerhouse

The Cybertruck, with its Powershare capability, is not merely a vehicle but a versatile power source. 

The Cybertruck includes a 240-volt outlet in its rear bed, capable of acting as a mobile generator, powering everything from camping gear and tools on a road trip and to their home, if needed, during power outages. 

Indeed, the Cybertruck can even charge other electric vehicles, as showcased on Tesla’s official website with the Cybertruck being used to charge a Tesla Model Y.

Outperforming The Competition

In terms of power output, the Cybertruck is set to outshine its rivals.

It boasts an impressive 11.5kW output, surpassing the Ford F-150 Lightning’s 9.6kW and the GMC Sierra Denali EV’s 10.2kW2. This level of power sets a new benchmark in the EV truck industry.

Bidirectional charging, as the name suggests, allows for two-way electricity flow. Unlike traditional unidirectional chargers, where power flows only from the grid to the vehicle, bidirectional chargers enable energy to be both drawn from and fed back into the grid. This technology effectively turns EVs into mobile energy storage units.

Tesla's Approach to Bidirectional Charging

Tesla is enhancing user experience by incorporating control features for bidirectional charging into its mobile app. This integration allows users to monitor and manage the charging process, adjust settings, and access real-time data on energy usage.3

To fully utilize the Powershare feature at home, customers are still encouraged to invest in a Tesla Powerwall and a Wall Connector. This combination ensures a seamless connection between the vehicle and the home’s power system.

Tesla’s introduction of the Powershare feature in the Cybertruck marks a significant advancement in the utility of electric vehicles. By transcending the traditional boundaries of EVs, Tesla continues to lead the charge in automotive innovation.


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