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I am a commercial insurance broker specializing in insurance for renewable energy and climate technology. I'm not an attorney... However, you can click the link below to find solar panel attorneys in your area on Google.

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What Causes Solar Panel Lawsuits?

Solar panels lawsuits are more common than many solar developers think.

Lawsuits involving the solar industry arise due to product defects, production shortfalls, bodily injury and property damage, employment practices, environmental damage, breaches of fiduciary duty, disagreements between parties in multiparty solar projects and NIMBYism.

As the solar industry continues to grow, the number of lawsuits will likely also increase.

No one expects they will be hit with a lawsuit. However, the quality of your liability insurance and your defense coverage is one of the many factors that affects the financial impact of a legal entanglement. It pays to be properly insured…

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