solar offtaker insurance

Solar Offtaker Insurance

Transform potentially risky renewable energy projects into investment grade with solar offtaker insurance

Solar Offtaker Insurance protects solar developers and project financiers (lenders, investors or tax equity) against the risk of payment default by offtakers with below investment-grade credit or bad credit history. 

Coverage is ideal for commercial solar project developers who want to close more deals. 

Works with municipalities, non-profits, businesses, religious organizations, churches, etc.

Projects or portfolios should be larger than $1,000,000 of value and can easily scale to larger community solar, C&I, MUSH, rooftop, ground mount and solar carport projects >$50,000,000. 

Quote estimates can be turned around quickly and policies may be written at terms of up to 10 years. 

Schedule an appointment today and transfer risk away from the lender or tax equity investor, to an insurance company with an AA- rating by Standard & Poor’s 1 and Aa3 by Moody’s

Benefits of Credit Enhancement Insurance For Commercial Solar Projects

Transform unrated offtakers, or sub-investment grade (i.e. B-rated, C, CC or CCC rated) credit projects into AA- to Aa3 rated projects with insurance. Long-term coverage is available and designed to improve project economics. Many benefits.

Solar offtaker insurance

Eliminate project financing hurdles and close solar project deals more quickly. Increase your project value. Reduce your cost of capital. Provide comfort to solar tax equity investors and/or lenders by guaranteeing income streams.

Solar offtaker insurance does not protect against solar project performance shortfalls or physical damage. For those insurance coverages read about solar production insurance and solar property insurance, respectively. 

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  1. In its most recent report , S&P highlights: “Very strong business risk profile”, with a “leading franchise in the U.S. Life reinsurance market and a strong position in various significant markets across the globe”; “Robust capital adequacy under our risk-based capital model and, according to the regulatory approach, even after severe natural catastrophe losses over the past two years”; “Very strong” enterprise risk management with a “positive view of the company's risk management culture”. “The management team has a consistent and successful track record of strategic planning, strong execution, and transparent, demanding, and sophisticated financial management. The company continues to build on its ability to meet its financial and strategic targets that it has demonstrated over the past 10 years. It has shown flexibility to adapt its strategies as insurance and financial markets conditions change.”