The Beginner’s Guide to Green Building


The Beginner’s Guide to Green Building will help you evaluate your building and apply the major concepts of green building to any property.


Green building is a real estate development approach that applies the concept of sustainability across the entire real estate lifecycle, from initial design and development to operations and maintenance and ultimately to deconstruction.

For some people, the term “sustainability” only brings to mind visions of tree hugging hippies and granola… However, green building has a serious scientific and economic rationale.

Harnessing the power of clean energy, advanced technology and science to boost real estate performance is a bad-ass endeavor. Study after study indicates that implementing commercial green building strategies can:

  • Reduce building operating expenses
  • Reduce tax liabilities
  • Increase rents
  • Boost occupancy rates and reduce turnover
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve building occupant productivity and well-being
  • Deliver higher Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • Increase asset value
  • Reduce cap rates

Notably, by increasing profit, improving occupant health and reducing impact green building strategies we can achieve a “Triple Bottom Line” of economic, social and environmental benefits.

Takeaways: When you have finished reading The Beginner’s Guide to Green Building you will be able to think about the basics of green building and apply them to any property.