As the owner of a passive house, you’re part of a select group of thoughtful, environmentally responsible people… You deserve an insurance program that protects everything you’ve worked hard to build. 

Available in most states1, Passive House Guard is designed for unique homes that would be difficult to rebuild in the event of a loss. Passive House Guard combines high-value homeowner’s insurance, personal auto, umbrella, cyber and mold coverage to address the unique exposures of passive house living.

Passive House Guard: Insurance for Passive House

Get affordable, broad coverages tailored to your unique lifestyle.

  1. High value homeowner’s insurance

  2. Personal auto

  3. Umbrella and personal excess liability

  4. Cyber and fraud protection

  5. Mold and flood

Passive House Guard

1. High-Value Homeowner’s Insurance

You’ve built one of the finest, high-efficiency homes in the world according to science.

You deserve a homeowner’s policy that protects what you’ve built. Passive House Guard is a curated selection of insurance coverages as unique and specialized as your passive home. 

Get the peace of mind, flexibility and freedom you’ve come to expect. 

Passive House Insurance - Passive House with Solar
  • Guaranteed replacement cost

  • Replace, rebuild or receive a cash settlement – Your choice

  • Broad coverage for sewer and drain backups

  • Premium credit for water sensors and smart home systems

  • Waiver of deductible

  • Home systems breakdown coverage

  • Ample coverage for jewelry, art and collections

Protect the valuables in your life with ample, customized protection for jewelry, watches, art, wine other other fine assets.

Insurance provides your family with flexible coverage options, concierge service, inflation protection and fair pricing that represents the true risk of loss.

2. Personal Auto Protection

Any automobiles you own, whether an electric vehicle, classic ICE2, antique vehicle, luxury motor home, motorcycle, golf cart or scooter, you can insure them with a single auto policy.

  • Agreed value with no deductible

  • OEM replacement parts

  • Rental vehicle flexibility with no daily limit

  • Customizable policy pricing

3. Umbrella and Personal Excess Liability

Your unique lifestyle, whether from the unique design of your home, types and number of personal vehicles, unique collections, or even domestic help, exposes you to unique liabilities.

Insure what you’ve built, and protect your family and future generations with a personal excess liability policy.

Personal excess liability insurance is an affordable way to protect against claims of personal injury, bodily injury and property damage worldwide.

  • Legal defense costs

  • Reduced coverage gaps and fewer out of pocket costs

  • Not-for-profit Directors and Officers liability coverage

  • Domestic employment practice liability coverage

  • Uninsured motorist and uninsured personal liability coverage

Cyber and Fraud Protection

Passive houses are not only efficient, they are often also smart homes. Smart homes rely on Internet-connected networks, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and 24-7-365 communications enabling you to manage and monitor your home. 

Smart home systems provide insight into the energy efficiency of your home, as well as greater control of lighting, home electronics, entertainment systems and data connectivity. However, increased interconnectivity is a trade-off… IoT systems create a wider “attack surface” through which cyber malefactors’ penetration testing may find a way into your home network.3

High-net worth individuals are often at greater risk of being targeted for cyber crime due to their wealth and complex lives. Insist on insurance that protects your family and your home in the event of a cyber event such as:

  • Offline fraud

  • Cyber extortion (ransomware)

  • Personal data attack

  • Home automation system attack

  • Phishing attack Identity theft

Cyber insurance not only protects you, but also provides professional help if you become a victim, helping you assess, prevent and respond to fraud and cyber threats.

Cyber insurance can also provide protection for liability in the event that claims or lawsuits are brought against you for cyber-related personal injury or property damage.4

Mold and Flood Protection

An extremely tight building envelope is synonymous with the nature of passive house. If unseen moisture from a leaky plumbing fixture, appliance or foundation goes unseen it can create a mold issue

Optional mold and flood protection provide you with the additional peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re covered in the event of an unseen, but potentially costly, threat.



  1. Passive House Guard is not available in every state.
  2. Internal combustion engine.
  3. A joint report by Chubb and Cleantech Group titled "Cleantech's Global Balancing Act" notes that cleantech companies recognize that a disturbance to deployed emerging technology may result in product or process downtime, damage to assets, financial injury to customers, physical injury, or unintended access to private information.
  4. For example, someone in your family is accused of cyber-bullying or a hacker impersonates someone in your family and posts content online that is damaging or slanderous to a third party.