The Clean Cash Flow Formula

The Clean Cash Flow Formula is a simple method for increasing the value of commercial real estate for no money out of pocket.

This method increases your net operating income1 (NOI) and also has the additional benefit of being environmentally-friendly – because it leverages the benefits of energy efficiency, solar energy and demand response.

The Clean Cash Flow Formula consists of three simple steps:

Step 1) Free Online Clean Cash Flow evaluation: Use our free online preliminary assessment tool to evaluate your building’s Clean Cash Flow potential. Your building receives a score from 1-5. A score of 3 or better indicates your building is eligible for earning Clean Cash Flow. If you like the results of this evaluation, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2) On-Site energy efficiency, solar energy and demand response plan: A professional energy auditor visits your property and develops a Clean Cash Flow Plan for you. Your Clean Cash Flow Plan includes a savings to investment (SIR) calculation with an estimate of amount of incremental cash your building will generate on day one, after the project is complete.

Step 3) Finance 100% of your Clean Cash Flow Plan with other people’s money: Lenders compete to finance your Clean Cash Flow Plan. You can choose to receive 100% of the capital needed to finance your plan. You choose the lender who is offering the best terms for you.


Clean Cash Flow Projects:


  1. The profit measure of commercial real estate.