carbon accounting

What Is Carbon Accounting?

Carbon accounting involves the measuring and management of carbon emissions in the fight against climate change.

carbon credits for flare gas

What Are Carbon Credits?

Carbon credits play an increasingly significant role in the realm of sustainability-based loans, finance and renewable energy.

solar ptc vs itc

What Is The Solar PTC?

The reinstatement of the solar PTC has broadened the tax credit options for solar developers in the U.S… Should you choose the solar PTC or solar ITC?

What is CPACE financing?

What Is CPACE Financing?

CPACE financing is a type of assessment financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments.

What is solar tax equity financing?

What Is Solar Tax Equity Financing?

The term solar tax equity refers to pairing a solar project that qualifies for tax incentives, but can’t use them, with an equity investor who has a tax liability and wants to invest in solar.