Does CGL cover pollution incidents

Does CGL Cover Pollution?

Does CGL cover pollution incidents? Unfortunately, the ISO CGL form CG 00 01 04 13 excludes most pollution incidents by default.

per project aggregate endorsement

What Does Per Project Aggregate Mean?

If you find a per project aggregate or per location aggregate endorsement in your commercial general liability policy, this is what it means.

what additional insured

What Is An Additional Insured?

An additional insured is a person or organization who is insured under the insurance policy of another party, at the request of that party.


5 Types Of Insurance for Online Retailers

This article describes five types of insurance for online retailers and e-commerce stores, including CGL, cyber liability, inland marine, work comp and EPLI.

waiver of subrogation explained in simple terms

Waiver of Subrogation Explained

A waiver of subrogation is a contractual provision whereby an insured waives the insurance carrier’s right to seek compensation for losses from a 3rd party.

What does primary and noncontributory mean

What Does Primary and Non-Contributory Mean?

Primary and non-contributory language stipulates priority of coverage and affects the right to seek contribution when insuring the same party for the same claim.


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Contractor's Energy Savings Insurance Project Checklist

Solar Panel Installer Insurance

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Passive House Guard

Passive House Guard Insurance