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What is Building Commissioning?

What is Building Commissioning?

This article explains what building commissioning is, what a building commissioning agent (CxA) is, and why building commissioning is important to green buildings, such as those certified to LEED standards. What is Building Commissioning? Building commissioning is the professional practice of ensuring that buildings are successfully delivered and operate according to the owner’s project requirements […]

Green REIT

Greener REITs, Greater Cash Flow?

Do greener REITs generate more cash flow than their less “sustainable” brethren? A study titled “Decomposing the Value Effects of Sustainable Investment: International Evidence” provides insight into this question. Spoiler alert… The answer is yes and the result is about a 5% increase in property level and corporate level cash flows available for distribution to shareholders. The researchers, […]

Passive House with Solar

6 Estimates of Passive House Cost

Passive house cost estimates vary based on design choices, project square footage and project type. This article examines six estimates of passive house cost and the factors affecting return on investment (ROI). What is Passive House? Passive House is a rigorous, energy efficient design and construction standard for commercial and residential buildings. Buildings designed, constructed and certified to a “passive […]

How to profit from solar energy

5 Ways to Profit from Solar Energy

There are many ways to invest in, and profit from, solar energy. As the prices of solar panels continue to fall, here are five strategies that you can pursue either separately, or together, for even greater profit. Pennies per Watt The U.S. solar industry recorded its biggest year ever in 2016 with record breaking growth across dozens […]